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Aerial & Ground Based Panoramic Photography of San Francisco & Oakland, Santa Clara, San Jose, San Mateo, & Northern California.

Digital Sight Aerial Photography provides aerial photography services for commercial real estate sales, local construction progress and aerial video, engineering projects and much more throughout the San Francisco bay area, Sacramento and the Central Valley.  

Location Once a location has been identified, we will provide you with a pre-flight layout of the angles, heights & extents of the images we will photograph. It allows us to fine tune all of the perspectives and view corridors before we fly. Once you verify the locations are exactly what you require, we will schedule the aerial photography flight.

When Your Assignment is Completed Within two days, you will receive a DVD with your aerial photographs. We will provide 20-50 color-balanced, horizon straightened aerial images of your site delivered to you on a custom labeled DVD disk.

Scheduling While we make every attempt to complete each aerial photography assignment in a timely manner, the primary rule which we follow strictly is "safety always comes first". We do not fly in inclement weather with restricted visibility or if wind speeds are excessive.




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