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Photo flight rates are calculated on total air time.

Helicopters are used for low-altitude shots & night photography. Quotes upon request.

- Pre-flight consultation.
- Proofs day of flight posted to web for viewing.
- 20-30 Digital files of each site in High Resolution JPEG format.

- Terms: Payable upon delivery of images.
- A 50% down payment required for orders of $1,000.00 or more.

Copyright Information
All images are copyrighted and shall remain the property of Digital Sight. A Copyright Release is required from Digital Sight to reproduce any image for commercial resale.

Resolution Expectations
Output: Canon 5D MarkII. Canon 1DX Canon. L Glass Lenses: 17-40mm; 24-70mm; 70-200mm; 400mm.  

Aerial Video?
Yes. We have close affiliations with video production companies who will provide you with HD broadcast video.

Identifying a site from the air.
We require the exact address of the site and a description of the property.
You can email us your coordinates directly from Google Maps or Google Earth.

Can passengers come along on an aerial photography flight?
We welcome production directors or spotters on all fixed wing flights. A surcharge will be added to the invoice to cover take-off and landings to pick up the passenger at an airport other than Livermore to cover the additional cost to provide an aircraft with an increased payload.


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